Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,No.1030149
St. Montfort School Bhopal
Patel Nagar,P.B.No.16, Piplani P.O. Bhopal

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Children’s Day
Celebration 2017-18

Children’s Day was celebrated with a lot of fun and excitement in St.Montfort School to commemorate the birthday and to pay tribute to the legendary freedom fighter popularly known as chacha Nehru.
The day is meant for children to enjoy,sing and dance with lot of energy. This occasion is celebrated every year with grand splendor and fiesta. This day is celebrated with immense joy enthusiasm and magnificence. The celebration began with a prayer conducted by the teachers. It was followed by a splendid dance performance and a funny skit performed by the teachers for the students to make the day a memorable one. The teachers shared some jokes and riddles with the students. A day filled with lots of energy and endeavor.At the end the school Principal Rev.Bro. T. Alex gave the Children’s Day message, and congratulated the teachers for their wonderful programme performed on the stage. Theprogramme finally ended with National Anthem.